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Record absenteeism in the Netherlands

Unscheduled absenteeism by workers in the Netherlands is at an all-time high, with the health sector being hit hardest, according to the report. National Bureau of Statistics CBSThe average absentee rate for the first three months of the year rose to 6.3% from 4.8% the previous year.

Absence means unscheduled leave for any reason. The figures above reflect both sick days and days missed for personal or family reasons, but the former seem to account for the majority of absences.

Nursing care, long-term care and home care have the highest absentee rate among all sectors of the economy at 10.4%, up 1.8 percentage points from the previous year. The inactivity rate among childcare workers rose even more sharply, from 6.9% to 10%. Both of these sectors have already been struggling for some time as low wages, demanding jobs and lack of benefits have forced workers out of these industries permanently during the pandemic.

Sickness absenteeism hit a record high this year. Mental health is clearly a powerful and growing issue. This year, 6% of his absentees complained of stress, psychological problems and work burnout. However, flu and colds were the most common causes of absenteeism.

CBS data shows a clear gap between public and private sector absenteeism, with public employees being significantly more absent than private sector employees.

https://northerntimes.nl/work-absences-at-record-high-in-the-netherlands/ Record absenteeism in the Netherlands

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