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Red Cross urges governments around the world to prepare now for heat wave

The Red Cross is urging governments to prepare for the heat wave. Aid groups say the heat wave is no longer within reach and are urging action to be taken now. “If we don’t adapt, we can expect an unprecedented increase in deaths from that heat over the next few years,” said Fleur Monasso, program manager at the Red Cross Climate Center in The Hague.

Earlier this week, research was published showing that the heat of the European summer last year killed more than 61,000 people. Researchers estimate that about 68,000 people in Europe will die from the heat each summer by 2030 if nothing is done to protect them from rising temperatures.

That number will continue to grow thereafter.

It is also very hot in some parts of Europe right now. According to the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), last week was the world’s hottest week on record and June was the warmest ever. Southern Europe is expected to experience sweltering heat over the next few days, with mercury temperatures likely to exceed 45 degrees Celsius in Italy and Spain.

“Heatwaves are already one of the deadliest natural disasters we face around the world,” Monasso said. “Climate change will also greatly increase the probability, intensity, frequency and duration of heatwaves.” The Red Cross is therefore calling on governments around the world to take action.

The Red Cross also made many recommendations. They said it would be prudent for the government to invest in regional heating schemes and greener cities with more trees, parks and shaded areas. Special attention should also be paid to the most vulnerable, including the elderly, chronically ill and young children. These groups must be notified in advance if a heat wave is imminent.

As an example, the Red Cross said people working outdoors should be able to start their routines early in the day and have adequate water and rest breaks.

https://nltimes.nl/2023/07/12/prepare-now-extreme-heat-says-red-cross-appeal-governments-worldwide Red Cross urges governments around the world to prepare now for heat wave

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