Rembrandt portrait to be auctioned for £11.2m

Two rediscovered portraits attributed to Dutch master Rembrandt have sold at auction at London’s Christie’s for more than £11.2 million (equivalent to roughly 13.1 million euros). These are paintings by Jan Willemsch. Van der Pruim, born around 1565 and died in 1644, and Jabgen Karels, born in 1565 and died in 1640.

The work dates from 1635 and has been in private storage to this day. Auction houses have estimated the portrait could fetch up to £8million before it goes on sale.

The two paintings were last sold in 1824, also by Christie’s. They have been in the same private collection in England for the past two centuries and have not been shown to the public. Christie’s CEO Henry Pettyfer previously called it “one of the most exciting discoveries we’ve made in the Old Masters space in recent years.”

These are among the smallest and most intimate portraits Rembrandt has produced, and he said they “add something new to our understanding of Rembrandt as an undisputed portrait genius.” rice field.

Leiden van der Prüm and his wife Jabgen Karels had a personal connection with Rembrandt. Their son Dominicus married Cornelia van Suitbruck, daughter of Rembrandt’s maternal uncle Willem van Suitbruck. The couple had a son named Karel, who is believed to have been tutored by Rembrandt. Van der Preim and Carels also had gardens next to Rembrandt’s mother’s.

Christie’s didn’t even say Thursday afternoon whether the painting was purchased by a museum or by an individual, saying it was the buyer’s responsibility to do so. Final buyers bid by phone. The auction house said she had very high interest. Rembrandt portrait to be auctioned for £11.2m

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