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Rent relief for low-income households is underway – The Northern Times

The Second Dutch Chamber of Commerce has launched a comprehensive scheme aimed at reducing the burden of housing costs and improving the quality of life of renters with an income of up to 120% of the social minimum income, or around €1,380 for singles. announced a call to action. Adult. The bill proposed by Public Housing Minister Hugo de Jonghe received overwhelming support in parliament, RTL Nieuws. report.

Dutch legislators estimate that low-income households experiencing rental stress or severe financial hardship in the social rental sector can expect an average rent reduction of €57 per month. About 600,000 households will be eligible for the newly funded assistance, but opposition parties argue rental assistance should also be provided to her 100,000 households and individuals who rent privately.

The Second House is scheduled to discuss the matter next week.

The new measures are part of a series of relief packages and other subsidies announced by the government to ease the economic burden of high inflation and rising costs of living.

cabinet plan to spend This year, we’re donating around €1 billion to help pay high energy and food bills.

The increase in spending will be largely covered by higher property and corporate taxes, with a special tax on oil and gas companies whose profits surged during the energy crisis.

The measure will primarily benefit low-income earners through a 10% minimum wage increase and increased income-related medical costs and rent subsidies.

The tax rate on income up to around €37,000 per year has been reduced, and the energy and fuel tax cuts introduced last year have been extended until 2023.

according to CBS Bureau of StatisticsAnnual inflation is estimated at 7.6% in January 2023, down from 9.6% the previous month.

https://northerntimes.nl/rent-relief-on-the-way-for-low-income-households/ Rent relief for low-income households is underway – The Northern Times

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