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Report blames security failures ahead of three murders linked to criminal gangs

People lay flowers at the scene of the de Vries shooting. Photo: DutchNews.nl

of the government, a major criminal organization Safety Study Group OVV said Wednesday.

Lawyer Derk Wiersum, TV crime journalist Peter R de Vries and innocent bystander Reduan B were all involved in the same police investigation into the Ridouan Taghi gang and were all shot dead.

In its 100-page report on the killings, OVV says warnings were ignored before each killing and vital information was not shared with other parties.

According to reports, royal witnesses Nabil B. and his family, including Reduan, had repeatedly said they were in danger, but Beweiken en Bebeirigen’s internal security forces were only on the basis of specific information. He said he would intervene.

Warnings from other family members did not count, and the police and prosecution department did not share any information they had with security experts, according to the report.

Reduan was shot dead in his company office in March 2018, two weeks after he was told he didn’t have enough capacity to provide security.


The situation was similar in the case of attorney Derk Wiersum, who represented Nabil B. Information about the black Renault Megane, which was spotted several times near Wiersum’s house, was never traced despite having fake number plates on him. the report said.

Wiersum was shot dead in front of his Amsterdam home in September 2018.

In the case of Peter R de Vries, the signal was either missed or left uninvestigated. In particular, a warning from an employee at the parking lot where De Vries parked his car during an appearance on the television talk show RTL Boulevard was not properly addressed.

He reported that a man with a distinctive tattoo was chasing de Vries. De Vries was shot dead while walking to his car on July 6, 2021.

The man later turns out to be Kamil E and is currently on trial for his role in the murder.


In its recommendations, OVV said that in the future, police and prosecutors should ensure that appropriate security measures are in place before making public about the presence of Crown witnesses. In addition, the information exchange process between groups involved in the Bewaken en Beveiligen unit should be improved.

De Vries’ son Royce said the OVV’s conclusions were “extremely difficult” to read.

Report, he said. “It affected me more than I thought. What mistakes I made, how it fell. My father was left standing in front of closed doors many times.

Justice Minister Dylan Yesirgoz said he would adopt the OVV’s recommendations on “further reform” of the system.

https://www.dutchnews.nl/news/2023/03/report-slams-security-failings-ahead-of-three-murders-linked-to-crime-gang/ Report blames security failures ahead of three murders linked to criminal gangs

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