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Respite House House Martin Seeks Volunteers for Homeless Sick

Respitehouse HouseMartin is located on the edge of Silderswijk. It is a guesthouse for the sick without a roof. Based on a referral from the street nurse team, 5 guests will be staying at the hotel for a short period of time to recover from illness or recover physical strength after being hospitalized.

Few people choose to be homeless. Many times people lose the roof over their heads due to a combination of factors.

Life on the streets is tough and homeless people in The Hague have no beds to recover from once sick.

The Hausmartin Foundation cares about the fate of these homeless people and provides space in Respite Houses so they can recover and strengthen.

In addition to the team of coordinators, we also need volunteers.

  • A person willing to volunteer for a target group without expecting anything in return.
  • Someone who pays attention when needed.
  • someone who likes to cook Or help with cooking.
  • person who wants to take over caring work (Nursing is left to specialist hands if necessary).
  • People who want to (eventually) work the night shift.
  • Someone who can work at least part of the day (4 hours) every week or two. (always have a second person in charge).

Please contact me if you are interested cowtal again Lerina.via coordinatoren@respijthuishousemartin.com or 06 35 60 84 97. For more information, Respite House House Martin visits them website

https://www.thehagueonline.com/features/2023/06/20/respitehouse-housemartin-is-looking-for-volunteers-for-homeless-sick Respite House House Martin Seeks Volunteers for Homeless Sick

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