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Road closed amid protests by farmers and climate activists in The Hague

Climate activists block the A12 in The Hague. Photo: Sem van der Wal ANP

Climate change activists from the Extinction Rebellion blocked the A12 motorway near the Houses of Parliament in The Hague on Saturday morning, but were told to hold their protests elsewhere.

Police had surrounded the area with screen doors to prevent demonstrators from reaching the road, the main highway into the city centre.

Shortly before noon, however, some demonstrators broke through the barrier, blocking the road in both directions. The police warned him that he would be arrested if he didn’t move.

Mayor Jan van Zanen also authorized police to use water cannons to disperse demonstrators if necessary.

Earlier in the day, police stopped dozens of tractors heading to a second demonstration south of the city center on Saturday morning.

Organized by the Radical Farmers Defense Force, that protest is taking place in Seiderpark as Marifeldt, near parliament, is being used to prepare for Sunday’s city run.

Earlier, city officials announced that some roads would be blocked to prevent demonstrators from entering their vehicles.

Farmers are taking part in a protest by the Samen voor Nederland (SvNL) campaign group, who say they are demonstrating against the government’s nitrogen policy and child care benefits and the slow resolution of the Groningen gas scandal.

https://www.dutchnews.nl/news/2023/03/roads-closed-as-farmers-and-climate-activists-protest-in-the-hague/ Road closed amid protests by farmers and climate activists in The Hague

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