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Rotterdam hit by a wave of explosions.Miraculously no one was hurt, police say

There were several explosions at Van Speykstraat. Photo: Phil Nijhuis ANP

Rotterdam has seen at least 50 explosions outside homes and business premises so far this year, compared with 49 in 2022 overall, according to the local broadcaster. Raimond.

In the last week alone, there have been two explosions outside a home in Krueswik Sehuek, and two more in the city on Friday night.

Police also arrested teenagers, aged 14 and 15, who had planted explosives at the entrance of Van Spike Street. some previous incidentsThey were picked up after camera surveillance.

city ​​police said. Telegraph It is a miracle that no one was injured in the blast, which is believed to be primarily related to the war on drugs.

Last month, Rotterdam mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb said the wave of attacks was linked to the number of drug seizures at the city’s ports, which had intensified competition between drug gangs.

A spokesman for the mayor described the situation as “extremely alarming”, especially with gangs easily exploiting teenagers.

“We are concerned that some parents are out of control of their children and go out to plant Molotov cocktails in the middle of the night,” the spokesperson said.

Gangs love to take advantage of young teenagers. They can also lure you into the underworld with the promise of easy money.

Rotterdam has made several plans to keep its youth out of the hands of drug cartels. Reported by NRC.

https://www.dutchnews.nl/news/2023/04/rotterdam-hit-by-wave-of-explosions-miracle-no-one-hurt-say-police/ Rotterdam hit by a wave of explosions.Miraculously no one was hurt, police say

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