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Rotterdam landlords often charge too high rent, study finds

Residents of Rotterdam face an unfair housing market with rents inflated by private landlords. This is true despite the fact that these apartments fall into the social rent category. However, this development is not a special case, Trauerreport.

The study, commissioned by the city and commissioned by Realstad, found that private landlords are charging too much for their apartments. In particular, it will affect apartments that should actually count as public housing according to a specially allocated points system aimed at low-income people.

It is a point system that evaluates the quality of the property. A higher score indicates a better property and allows you to charge higher rents. The system gives a maximum score of 142 points. This corresponds to the social sector rent threshold of €800. If a property exceeds 142 points, it no longer counts as public housing, but is now in the free sector where landlords can set their own prices.

But according to Realstat, many private homeowners are said not to adhere to this benchmark rent. An apartment or house with a point system score of less than 142 points is rented, for example, between €1,000 and €1,500. But anyone who now thinks this is illegal is wrong. According to Trau, this is justified by the so-called freedom of contract in the social rental sector. Therefore, this excess rent is acceptable as long as the tenant agrees on the price. However, the situation is different when the tenant charges the rent with a rent fee. Because there the correctness of the tenant is proved. However, many of the tenants involved are either afraid to go to the commission or are unaware of their rights as tenants and the regulations of the Dutch housing market.

According to Matthijs Ten Burke of the housing association Woonbond, it is clear that the phenomenon is not unique to Rotterdam. “In Rotterdam, you can see a lot of outdated housing in districts, and similar districts in other cities,” he told Trau.

The Rotterdam study confirmed the need to make the results of the points system binding, rather than giving landlords freedom of contract, according to the Housing Association, the newspaper reported.

Hopes for this have been heightened by a response measure that is part of a bill that Public Housing Minister Hugo de Yonge plans to send to Tweed Kamel later this year.

https://nltimes.nl/2023/06/10/landlords-rotterdam-often-charge-much-rent-study-shows Rotterdam landlords often charge too high rent, study finds

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