Rotterdam mayor aims to ban beer bikes in city

If Mayor Ahmed Abbautarev and Alderman Vincent Karemans get their way, beer bikes may soon disappear from the streets of Rotterdam. The mayor and the city’s coalition of aldermen will soon submit a proposal to the city council to amend common local ordinances that ban vehicles.

“Beer cycles often lead to nuisance,” Abbautaleb said Wednesday. “Beer bike users are committing acts that violate public order and morals, such as urinating in public places, jeering others, and getting drunk in public. He said many of Rotterdam’s cycle paths were already too narrow for the number of cyclists and scooters, making it difficult to safely handle all traffic according to national guidelines. added.

The coalition also believes beer bikes block sidewalks as people get on and off, creating a predicament for pedestrians. “Group bikes like beer bikes are a great invention, but they are not suitable for a busy city like Rotterdam. Beer bikes cause traffic nuisance and danger. “Riding in a heavy, slow car, in the middle of a bike path, with a ton of beer on it. That’s the main cause of misery,” he said. The city councilor in charge, Kallemans, said.

The vehicle has recently caused irritation among some Rotterdam residents. The city council’s largest party, Liefvar Rotterdam, wants to get rid of beer bikes and has approached the mayor about it.

Amsterdam already banned the vehicle in large parts of the city in 2017. Two years later, beer bikes were banned entirely after numerous reports of nuisances such as public urination, public drunkenness and blocked bike lanes. Rotterdam mayor aims to ban beer bikes in city

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