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Rotterdam record label blows up for second time in a week

There was a possible explosion this morning at the record company’s offices on Rotterdam’s Hoogstrasse. Locals were awakened by loud noises to find the company’s windows shattered. Early Monday morning, the perpetrators threw heavy fireworks into the office.

of police Confirmed to be the second attack of the week against the record label, they did not call it an explosion, but attempted arson. “Around 4:20 a.m., a window at the record company’s building was smashed and a small fire started briefly.”

Emergency services quickly controlled the fire. They evacuated the surrounding houses while they put out the fire. Residents can return home in a short time.

The man who lives across from the record company Rheinmond I woke up to a loud noise and the sound of breaking glass. When I looked out the window, I saw glass scattered on the street. “You find that the neighborhood doesn’t feel safe,” he said.

Police are investigating and are seeking witnesses.

https://nltimes.nl/2022/11/17/rotterdam-record-label-hit-second-explosion-one-week Rotterdam record label blows up for second time in a week

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