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Royal family Willem-Alexander and Maxima at the coronation of Charles III

Willem-Alexander and Maxima arrive at the monastery. Photo by Lafargue Raphael/ABACA/Shutterstock

Dutch King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima are among the world’s royals to attend the coronation of British King Charles on Saturday in London.

With 74-year-old Prince Charles officially ascending the throne, the Dutch media is dominated by live footage, blogs and other coverage of the event. About 2,200 people attended the official ceremony at Westminster Abbey.

Crown Prince Amalia of the Netherlands and former Queen Beatrix attended an official reception on Friday night.

Charles, who was four years old when his mother became queen, would reign for a shorter period than he had been heir to the throne. Nu.nl Correspondent Fleur Launspach points out.

“Charles wants to be king of all Englishmen, regardless of rank or creed,” said Launspach. , his first speech as king, marked his face with emotion.

“And he doesn’t take it for granted. He knows he has to work hard to keep the monarchy strong,” she said. Like the Netherlands, the popularity of the British royal family is declining year by year.

of volksland It has an article with the subtitle “Everything You Wanted to Know (Not Necessarily) About Charles’ Coronation”.green manThe invitation includes scone stone And the symbolism behind the music.

of NRC We look at the “obstacles” that Charles faces to make his reign successful. “British monarchs are under pressure. Can King Charles III bring Scottish nationalism, Australian republicanism, Indigenous leaders and young people?” asked the paper. increase.

The newspaper points out that in a mid-April poll, 53% of Britons said the monarchy was good for Britain, but that figure was only 26% among young people.

A NOS poll released last month showed 55% of Dutch people are confident in their monarchy, but 24% of those polled believe the Netherlands should become a republic. Up 9% from 2020.

of advertisement “Our monarchy may not be so crazy after all,” it runs an editorial suggesting. There is,” writes news chief Saskia van Weslinen.

“Behind the scenes, we’re fanatical about a new style of monarchy that will stand the test of time,” she said. He pointed out how friendly and sociable they are compared to .

“They met the jolly Prince Maurice, who explained on camera that he had to work for a living, that he would appear as a prince once or twice a year, and that he ‘really enjoys it. The British were astonished.

She said there has been talk of declining support for the Dutch monarchy in recent weeks. “But those watching the British coronation on Saturday may be free to think: maybe things aren’t so crazy here after all.”

https://www.dutchnews.nl/news/2023/05/willem-alexander-and-maxima-among-royals-at-charles-iiis-coronation/ Royal family Willem-Alexander and Maxima at the coronation of Charles III

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