Russia to map Dutch energy network: MIVD

North Sea wind farm near IJmuiden. Photo: Pixabay

Russia is trying to map the Netherlands’ offshore energy network, the head of the Dutch military intelligence agency said on Monday.

Jan Swillens spoke at a press conference A few months ago, a Russian ship was trying to gather details about an offshore wind farm.

The incident “makes it clear that the threat to the Netherlands is not as far off as was thought,” he said. Russia is also interested in mapping internet cables and gas pipelines, sources said. Said the chief of service.

Both MIVD and domestic security agency AIVD warned last year Essential Dutch services such as drinking water could be targeted.

This weekend, Minister of Foreign Affairs Wopke Hekstra said: 10 Russian diplomats They were spies and will be exiled from the country.


Both agencies said on Monday that the war in Ukraine had acted as a “hotbed of anti-institutional extremism”.

Dutch extremist groups are largely pro-Russian and see President Vladimir Putin as a “liberator” in their war with the West, the agencies said, making this position more susceptible to Russian influence. I added that there is.

The far-right Forum voor Democratie, which holds five seats in parliament, is staunchly pro-Russia, and leader Thierry Baudet said: said repeatedly He wants Russia to win the war. Russia to map Dutch energy network: MIVD

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