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Schiphol to cut passenger numbers by 13% by March

Schiphol Airport authorities have said they will cut the number of departing passengers again, this time until March 2023, to address security staff shortages.

An average reduction of 13% means 50,000 fewer passengers in the holiday season and 46,000 fewer in the off-season. This figure will be reviewed again in his December. “We want to ensure the safety of our passengers and staff and provide a reliable process throughout the airport,” Schiphol’s COO Hanne Buis said in a statement. “We are working with trade unions and security companies to make structural improvements.

Dutch flag carrier KLM said after the announcement that enough was enough. Schiphol has been suffering from a labor shortage since this spring. CEO Marjane Rinter said: “The situation in Schiphol has demanded far too much from customers and staff for too long.” We have already stated that it is not considered to be, but that seems to be happening.”

KLM said it will further cut ticket sales for the Dutch market in the coming months. Two weeks ago, Schiphol said it would cut an average of 9,000 passengers a day in his six weeks. The announcement coincided with the resignation of airport chief Dick Benshop over the failure.

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Photo: Luggage loaded at Schiphol Airport earlier this month – DutchNews.nl

https://www.thehagueonline.com/news/2022/10/01/schiphol-reduces-passenger-numbers-by-13-up-to-march Schiphol to cut passenger numbers by 13% by March

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