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SEA LIFE baby shark born in Scheveningen

SEA LIFE A stork has come to Scheveningen. Because the aquarium has a new inhabitant. On February 24th, a very small reef shark swam into an undersea tunnel. Any reason to celebrate!

SEA LIFE Scheveningen is not the first time blacktip reef sharks have been born. We’ve had blacktip reef sharks born five times in the past, and we’re having a great time. The shark can still be viewed from the tunnels today, but will soon be transferred so that it can grow and strengthen safely.

Marine life is at the heart of SEA LIFE, including the nearly endangered Blacktip Reef Shark. These top predators are vital to healthy oceans and SEA LIFE supports these sharks through European breeding programs, rescue efforts and research. The European Breeding Program monitors over 300 blacktip reef sharks in 63 aquaria, and he has already welcomed over 50 blacktip reef cubs to his SEA LIFE centers across Europe.

After the quarantine period, the baby blacktip reef sharks leave for SEA LIFE Oberhausen, which specializes in further care for these sharks. Distributed from Oberhausen to European aquariums to ensure genetically sound aquariums.

https://www.thehagueonline.com/news/2023/03/02/baby-shark-born-at-sea-life-scheveningen SEA LIFE baby shark born in Scheveningen

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