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Secret video: The jolt and squeak when a pig is slaughtered

Still image from video. Photo: Varkens in Nood

The Dutch product safety commission, NVWA, has launched a criminal investigation after the release of undercover footage showing pigs being shocked with 5,000 volts through cattle sticks during transport. .

The electric shocks given to move pigs are given to the animal’s back and head., EU regulations prohibit the practice.almost masked 3 minute video It shows how a pig that has been given a series of electric shocks is squealing.

Tasers may only be used on adult animals in exceptional circumstances and may not be used repeatedly. Even then, the animal must have enough space to move, and the shock can only be applied to the hindlimb muscles.

The animal charity Varkens in Nood, which released the video, said: petition Ban domestic tasers that claim to cause panic in frightened animals. Varkens in Nood’s girlfriend Frederieke Schouten tells RTL’s EditieNL: “Producing cheap meat involves abuse.”

Agriculture Minister Piet Adema also described the footage as “disgusting” and told RTL that he was considering a possible ban. There is,’ he said. “And that’s what we’re trying to do.”

Better Leven?

Even meat with the Better Leven mark does not guarantee proper transportation of the animal, she says. “Whether you buy 1-star, 2-star or 3-star organic meat, there are no guarantees in terms of transportation and slaughter. Bethel Leben The quality mark says something about the quality of life in the barn. It’s nice to have them, but those farms can also work with shipping companies that use cattle products.

Consumer psychologist Marlene Onwesen told RTL that consumers are sensitive to these kinds of images. She said, “There are groups of people who are very concerned about abuse. Image has a big impact on them. For example, they adapt their behavior by becoming vegetarian.

Shuten says the easiest way to end animal suffering is to stop eating meat. “If the images really shock you, you should stop buying meat. Basically, it’s all about animals being seen as worthless food,” she said.


of June 2021, Varkens of Nood released undercover footage of the slaughterhouse. The footage showed workers continuing to abuse pigs and other animals by repeatedly hitting them with paddles and giving them electric shocks.

Footage also showed how workers at the Gosschalk slaughterhouse acted to hide their actions from NVWA inspectors and warned newcomers not to abuse animals in front of the cameras. did.

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https://www.dutchnews.nl/news/2022/12/undercover-video-shocks-and-squeals-as-pigs-go-to-slaughter/ Secret video: The jolt and squeak when a pig is slaughtered

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