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Sex Education and other Netflix hits to cope with confinement

For some years now, we have been living a few years of liberalization where the weird, extravagant and explicit is what most attracts and draws attention. That is why among the great successes of Netflix are “Stranger Things” or “Sex Education”. Time travel, the existence of other dimensions and sex education. Three of the topics that have achieved more reproductions around the world.

This is a recurring theme that is present in most audiovisual productions. In some, it even becomes the central theme. As can be seen in the most watched productions currently on the Netflix giant: the aforementioned Sex Education, Locke and Key, Issi and Ossi, All the boys I fell in love with, The Witcher and You. Everything revolves around sexuality, more or less healthy and stable relationships, crushes, witchcraft, stalkers, dramas and supernatural enigmas.

But they are not the only ones, as in many occasions they go beyond the screens. Such as the controversial campaign carried out by “Sex Education” in Spain. Despite having to withdraw it due to its daring phrases, thousands of social network users shared it. This made it even better known and it was recently announced that after its renewal for a fourth season, production will begin soon.

The story of young Otis who discovers his potential thanks to his mother Jean Milburn, a sex therapist. Thanks to her he acquires knowledge and useful information to help his classmates to discover their sexuality. Although it is shown in this “fiction”, it is a real problem that they try to highlight. As its name suggests, it is none other than sex education.

A topic in constant debate and very topical. Sex has always attracted a lot of attention. Because in the end it is something that gives a lot of pleasure and is practiced by almost everyone, whether as a couple, with friends or with a beautiful Perth Escort in Western Australia. Although unfortunately without too much information.

There are a multitude of taboos and prejudices that have an influence. Even porn and romantic comedies have helped create a mental image of what a relationship and love should be. But this is not the case. Which Sex Education tries to prove. And it’s the reason why its protagonist realizes that his help is so needed. His partner Maeve sees this and undertakes a project so that all of Otis’ sexual wisdom can reach the rest of his classmates who need it.

Although it is not the only one to deal with the subject of sexuality so directly. Others like Jane the virgin, The Mumbai escorts, The sweetest thing, Hysteria, Toy Boy, Ibiza, Big mouth, Master of Sex or even Gossip Girl deal with the same, moving away from the typical social image and forgetting all taboos. In this way they try to get a little closer to reality.

There are more and more titles that deal with relationships, love, sex and even prostitution of hot Escort in Bristol from a different point of view. Something very important to continue with the years of liberalization in which we find ourselves. Including female characters more defined, characteristic and protagonists.

Especially in times of global pandemic, where citizens have more free time to watch more movies and series. A situation that almost no one expected and that has completely changed the routine and normality with which we used to live. Now a new value is given to the things we can no longer do and previously took for granted. Like Otis at home, he thinks he knows everything because he has always heard it from his mother but his peers ignore him and value and need him. Although as the series progresses it is discovered that Otis may not know as much as he thinks he does.

So, in a world where normality is no longer normal, and the rare is what stands out and attracts attention, what to do? Where are the limits? Now health is very important and a series of indications and recommendations must be followed. Washing hands many times a day in a certain way, going outside as little as possible, keeping a safe distance and reducing physical contact to a minimum with friends, relatives and hot trolls from Belen de Escobar are now priorities. While for Otis, finding a partner, having safe sex, having fun with his friends and passing his subjects, among others, are priorities.

We will have to keep an eye on Netflix’s new releases to see what new surprises and hits it brings to each of the screens. What will be the new plots and themes with which to hook more viewers around the world. Because pandemic or not, this international brand has a multitude of content for all tastes and continues to add great titles. So, what new adventures and cases are in store for Otis in the long-awaited fourth season of Sex Education?

Fdo.: Deborah Salas

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