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Sex workers march in front of City Hall to protest measures against red-light districts

Red light district march Photo: S Boztas

To the beat of a drum, 150 sex workers and supporters marched at Amsterdam’s City Hall on Thursday to protest changes to the red-light district.

With many wearing masks and chanting “Erotic closing time, no erotic center,” protesters circled from the red light district around City Hall.

They were protesting plans to close the 249 Window Brothels in De Wallen at 3am instead of 6am starting this weekend. erotic center Replace 100 elsewhere.

Halsema spoke briefly with some of the protesters at the building’s entrance, promising to meet them and listen to their concerns, saying “sex workers weren’t the problem.”

city ​​council takes action measures Make the city center more livable and less nuisance for tourists and criminals. Cannabis smoking ban From mid-May onwards, in public places, alcohol sales and bar opening hours will be reduced, pub crawls will be discouraged, rough british mana controversial proposal to relocate some of the brothel’s windows.


Alessia, a masked young woman who said she was a sex worker in De Wallen, said the city had been wrongly targeted. “It’s not the tourists that are the problem, it’s the dealers,” she told Dutch News. not now.’

“They talk about sex workers all the time, but I don’t talk to them,” said Tice Weiland, who works with women in a red-light district brothel. I don’t know, we shouldn’t make them victims of politics.

Another masked woman, Elena, said she supports her friends. “My friends don’t feel safe. I don’t understand why they have to change,” she said.

Sex workers are the latest group to oppose the city’s plans to change the old-fashioned brothel industry. Most of the time, the woman stands half-naked in a red-curtained window with potential customers walking by. Halsema others Councilor Protest being subject to ‘slanderous’ behavior from tourists who don’t seem to buy, and it affects the area as well.

Protest at City Hall Photo: S Boztas

erotic center

At two conferences in Amsterdam this week Zaid and north amsterdamwhere the city is investigating three potential sites for privately built erotic centers on city land, Halsema defended her suggestion to many people local stakeholdersEksteen de Waal, who lives opposite the proposed site near Amsterdam RAI, said,no sex centerwebsite told Dutch News:

Resident of Zuid, petition Against the erotic center spoke at the board On Thursday, it said nearby major secondary schools and proximity to parks were risk factors. “There could be a few small brothels spaced around the city, or a cruise ship at the passenger terminal,” she said. It wasn’t built for a surplus population.”

However, at a meeting in Noord, Halsema adamantly defended herself against personal abuse, saying that the situation in the red-light district was now “dangerous” and that “nuisance is associated with De Wallen, not sex work”. ‘ said.

https://www.dutchnews.nl/news/2023/03/sex-workers-march-on-city-hall-in-protest-at-measures-in-red-light-district/ Sex workers march in front of City Hall to protest measures against red-light districts

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