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Shopify Plus review

A lot of online entrepreneurs have been hearing a lot lately about the Shopify eCommerce platform as an alternative to traditional marketplaces and the perfect system for starting an independent eCommerce business.

The e-commerce platform Shopify was launched in Canada in 2004. Her tasks included the ability to create an online store that would allow sales of goods in several sales channels at once with minimal effort. 

To get an idea of the demand for the resource, we present the following data: in 2020, over 200 million purchases from around the world were made on the platform, and the annual turnover approached the figure of $ 8 billion.

Benefits of the Shopify builder platform 

  1. Creation of a full-fledged online store on a highly adaptive platform with a high speed of information processing. 
  2. Nice design created with suggested templates without having to learn programming codes. 
  3. Connecting multiple payment options.
  4. Selling digital and physical goods.
  5. Integration into a single system with profiles of social networks and instant messengers.
  6. Adaptability of the online store to laptops, computers, tablets and mobile phones. 
  7. Use apps (over 4,000 in total) that automate the tasks of getting traffic, SEO auditing, inventory, conversions, two-way communication, retargeting, and more.
  8. The presence of many instructions helps to correctly use the options offered, and in difficult moments one of the best support services in the world is used. 
  9. To be sure of the features offered by the platform-constructor, Shopify allows 2 weeks to use the full version of the functionality for free.

Registration algorithm on Shopify 

* Enter personal data, while you can use both the data of an individual and a company.

* Upload product information manually or export automatically from a file.

* Choose the appropriate design from the free or paid category. In the templates, settings for shades, widgets, fonts, block arrangement of information are available. It offers 10 free templates and many costing up to 180 USD. Suitable for any pages of an online store, can be supplemented with banners, videos. Particularly interesting is the technology of augmented reality, which allows you to create a virtual showcase, an online fitting room, augmented reality with a realistic display of goods in the real environment of the buyer.

* For those who like to experiment with graphics, the Impulse and Motion functions are suitable. Warehouse will help large catalogs, StartUp will do for smaller catalogs. 

* Selected domain name. The company provides unlimited web hosting, or you can use a previously registered domain name.

Shopify has everything you need to successfully promote your store: cool built-in statistics, the ability to connect external services to collect it, work with SEO at all levels, and a bunch of marketing applications that will help you attract, return and process potential and regular customers in every possible way. We recommend you this Shopify Plus development company.

There is even a separate marketing section in the control panel to control promotion in all directions, automate mailing lists, update contextual advertising campaigns, SMS mailing lists, promotion on Facebook, Microsoft marketplaces, Google, Amazon and other channels. You can simply order the work of a full-time system specialist. All of this, of course, requires a budget. 

There are no questions and there is nothing special to describe. The main thing is to deftly use the capabilities of the system, of which there are in bulk, and everything will work out. As elsewhere, in general.

Shopify Plus is a supercharged version of Shopify. It’s built on the same platform as before, and it’s as simple to use as before. So, how do you tell the two apart? 

Established firms may quickly upgrade to Shopify Plus, which includes all of the bells and whistles. It gives brands greater functionality, back-end control, updated automation, and customisation possibilities, allowing them to scale up and grow with ease. 

Shopify Plus is a world-class eCommerce environment for strong businesses in need of a world-class eCommerce system to power their e-commerce ambitions, and it is used by the best stores in the world, like Singular Society, Acon, and Reima.

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