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Small but mighty: TECNED is looking for international talent to help grow

TECNED’s company is small but internationally oriented, says Hans Buitenhuis, managing director of TECNED. He’s looking to expand his team.

techned, or Technology for Energy Conversion The Netherlands, is a technology company specializing in energy conversion. TECNED designs and manufactures energy systems for industrial clients. These include rectifiers, inverters and UPS systems and are intended for industry-savvy users.

TECNED, located in Burke, Friesland, in the north of the Netherlands, has deep roots in the Dutch energy conversion industry. Apart from catering to Dutch clients, the team of 20 employees exports around 80% of their business outside the Netherlands. TECNED’s system will eventually end up in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and Latin America.

“TECNED is a company that mainly supplies products for industrial use. There are many big companies using our products, most of which are known worldwide,” explains Buitenhuis.

work at techned

TECNED has many departments such as research and development, assembly and design. There is some flexibility when it comes to working hours. For example, many employees arrive early on Fridays to spare the afternoon. Cyrus, the company dog ​​that brightly colored the days of our employees for seven years, will color the office.

Of TECNED’s 20 employees, 5 are based in the Netherlands but do not have a traditional Dutch background. Nevertheless, they were slowly incorporated into the team.

“I am very happy that our team has an international outlook. He believes that integration works best by working together within a team and learning on the job.

“There is a place for people young and old to enjoy. All backgrounds are welcome.

He also explains that his company is not immune to the shortage of women in the industry, a situation that affects the rest of the industry.

TECNED is also looking for people with international backgrounds to join the team. Reports produced by TECNED and communications with clients are primarily conducted in English. However, daily conversations within the team are conducted in Dutch. Therefore, those who enter TECNED without any knowledge of Dutch must learn Dutch along the way.

“TECNED is able to integrate and welcome people from abroad into our team. We are a strong and growing organization and are looking for people to work in the Netherlands. There is a huge shortage of , but we are lucky to have found the right people here in Friesland to help us grow,” says Buitenhuis.

“You are more than welcome to reach out and get to know yourself,” concludes Buitenhuis.

Video by Julia Dumchenko and Daindra Utami.

This article is make in the north‘s Corporate Spotlight series focuses on companies in the North that employ foreigners.

https://northerntimes.nl/small-but-mighty-tecned-is-looking-for-internationals-to-help-it-grow/ Small but mighty: TECNED is looking for international talent to help grow

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