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Smart Tech That Can Make Every Day Easier

Smart tech, or Self-Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology, is everywhere right now.

That’s right, it doesn’t just mean that it’s tech that’s particularly good, but instead, smart tech is defined by its ability to assess a situation and offer a solution, usually through your smartphone. And there are millions of applications. There are already “smart apartments” being built around the world, with wiring built into the foundations of the building to accommodate a whole host of smart appliances.

But you don’t need to tear your home apart to get the smart tech gadgets that are on the market. They can just as easily be incorporated into everyday life, offering lots of benefits you won’t have even considered, and giving you a home that truly feels like something from The Jetsons.

Read on for all the details on the best smart tech gadgets on the market.

Keep the energy usage down

The best thing about smart tech, is that most of it has been designed and created at the same time as Greta Thunberg found her voice. As the world becomes more aware of climate change and its devastating effects, more and more of us are looking for ways to keep our carbon footprint to a minimum.

If that sounds like you, you might want to look into the various ways you can keep your energy usage down with smart tech gadgets. There is the smart thermostat for one thing. Controlled from your phone, as most of these gadgets are, you can set a temperature and allow your heating system to turn on and off to maintain it. You will spend far less energy cranking the heating up and forgetting about it until your home feels like a sauna, and far less money.

And then there is the lighting. You can buy affordable smart lighting kits that will give you energy saving LED bulbs to replace all your lamps with and a little device that will allow you to dim and brighten the lights as you wish, again, from your phone when you are taking a break from browsing a full list of online casino games, so that you aren’t sitting with the big light ruining your comfy mood and running up your electricity bill. In another great advancement in tech, your online fun has been improved with quality games offering you to even gamble on your phone! Today, sports bets can be placed, built on and watched all from the one device that goes in your pocket, saving you the energy of switching on the TV.

Plus, there is finally a solution to all that wasted power that is headed to switched off appliances like TVs and consoles without you having to trek around your home switching off plugs. Simply install a smart plug at each outlet, set a timer on your phone, and your smart plug will block power to your appliances, making sure you don’t waste any energy on literally nothing.

Keep the house clean

Looking at these smart apartments mentioned above would have you shocked at how much smart tech can be applied. Just about everything in the kitchen can have an element of smart tech: the fridge, the cooker, the kettle. They aren’t exclusive to smart apartments either. If you want a smart fridge letting you know how well it’s running and alerting you if someone has left the door open, go for it.

But there are more smaller purchases you can make to keep your home in tip-top shape, making a lot of unpleasant tasks a lot easier, or else outright automating them.

Like the Roomba. Everyone has seen this little hoover that simply goes about its business keeping your carpet clean, occasionally giving the cat a ride to the front door. It will clean your carpet or wood flooring and responds to voice commands with a digital assistant like Alexa or Google Assistant.

Speaking of the family cat, you can finally say goodbye to changing its litterbox with a self-cleaning litterbox. It will separate the clean litter from the unclean waste into a carbon-filtered drawer and there are even similar items for dogs still being trained.

Once the Roomba has done its job, you can release the robot mop from its cage. It will get into those hard-to-reach spots around the house with a range of options for the best clean, including wet mopping, dry sweeping, and damp sweeping.

It should also be noted that most of these products connect to a digital assistant like Alexa, so you can bark all your orders at Alexa and watch her clean your house. As much as that sounds like something from a sci-fi novel, it will make people with mobility issues lives a lot easier, along with the rest of us who simply don’t like chores.

Keep yourself safe

Smart tech is currently revolutionizing security. It has already been adapted by businesses to create access control, but it’s finally reaching homes with the home security system.

More than just giving TikTok a steady stream of footage of funny conversations and incidents with Karens, these home security systems offer a camera-fitted system for the home as well as a direct line to the local police station. They include a motion sensor that will allow the camera to kick in when they see someone approaching, and you will get an automatic notification on your phone.

Connected to your internet network, you can add as many sensors and cameras as you’d like and enjoy not only the safety of you and your family, but some additional perks like the chance for a two-way conversation. If your package shows up while you’re at work, you can let them know where to stash it until you get home, or if a friend of the kids is asking if Timmy’s home you can let them know that he’s with Grandma and will be home around teatime.

That’s all not to mention the fact that you will have footage available sent straight to your phone should anything unpleasant occur. Send all your information to the police with time stamps on everything that happened and be assured that there will be no false alarms wasting your and police times. Should a smoke or intruder alarm be triggered, an agent will attempt to reach you before they call the police. So, you will have everything available at your fingertips to keep you and your family protected.

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