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Some sunshine in between showers over Easter weekend.traffic jam is expected

Unfortunately, the sunny weather earlier this week didn’t make it in time for Easter weekend. Clouds and rain are expected for most of Thursday and Friday, but Saturday and Sunday can be sunny or dry. Many people will be out for the long weekend, and combined with the rainy weather, today’s evening rush hour can be very difficult. Likes Water Sart warned.

“It will be cloudy on Maundy Thursday and Good Friday, with rain on Thursday and showers on Friday.” wheelon line report. Both days the maximum temperature is around 10 degrees. Also, the sun could break through the clouds on Friday afternoon.

Saturday will be sunny and generally dry with the exception of occasional showers. There may also be showers on Easter Sunday and Monday. “Though, it’s the dry moments that define the weather. A field of clouds and the sun are mingling, making it perfect weather for looking for Easter eggs outside,” said Wheelon Rhine. High temperatures for all three days range from 12 to 15 degrees from north to south.

Public works sector Rijkswaterstaat experienced heavy traffic jams on Thursday night, with higher than normal traffic expected throughout the weekend. In addition to people heading out for the holidays, “Thursday is already the busiest evening rush hour of the week and it looks like the evening rush hour will be rainy,” he said.

Road users may also expect heavy traffic over the weekend. “Expect even more crowds, especially on Easter Monday,” Rijkswaterstaat said. “Recreational areas such as forests, lakes and beaches may attract more tourists. But national highways around theme parks and furniture streets may also be congested.”

According to Weeronline, Easter weekend weather varies greatly from year to year, not only because of the different dates of Easter, but also because spring weather is always erratic. The difference between the warmest Easter and the coldest Easter, the average maximum on both days, is very large. In 2011 the maximum temperature measured at Debilt was about 25 degrees, and the minimum temperature in 1964 he was 4.2 degrees.

https://nltimes.nl/2023/04/06/sunshine-showers-easter-weekend-busy-roads-expected Some sunshine in between showers over Easter weekend.traffic jam is expected

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