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South ready to celebrate Carnival, big crowds expected

Carnival is celebrated mainly in the south. Photo: Depositphotos.com

Carnival is taking place in the south of the Netherlands this weekend, and big cities such as Den Bosch are taking steps to deal with the expected congestion. Reported by Nu.nl on friday.

Den Bosch in particular is popular with tourists from other parts of the Netherlands who flock to the city for weekend parties. In total, the city expects her 250,000 people to join the revelry.

“We use digital signs, we have closed our streets, we have surveillance cameras and we have a sufficient number of security guards, police officers and city officials patrolling,” a spokesperson told Nu.nl.

Maastricht is also expecting a large party-goer, with up to 25,000 people attending the celebrations at Vrijthof in the city centre.

Breda is also anticipating a busy weekend and has introduced a ban on glasses and cans in city centers to avoid potential problems. It has already replaced glass.

What you need to know about Carnival

The weather forecast for the weekend in the south calls for more clouds and winds on Saturday morning, which could disrupt some of the carnival marches. Saturday afternoon and Sunday will be cloudy with occasional rain.

southern region

In Holland, carnivals are mainly held in North Brabant and Limburg on the weekend six weeks before Lent. This year’s celebrations begin on Friday, February 17th, but continue through Tuesday in many locations.

Last year’s Carnival celebrations were Coronavirus up 80% In some cases. Carnival was also involved in spreading the virus when it first reached the Netherlands in February 2020.

https://www.dutchnews.nl/news/2023/02/the-south-is-ready-to-celebrate-carnaval-big-crowds-are-expected/ South ready to celebrate Carnival, big crowds expected

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