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Start outdoor swimming and beach season marked with red-yellow flags on floats

On May 1st, the outdoor swimming and beach season kicks off across Holland. This also means that the Hague Volunteer Rescue Service and the Haaglanden Security Area lifeguards will again provide daily beach surveillance on his 11-kilometre stretch of beach in The Hague. To mark this moment, mayor Jan van Zanen traditionally raised the red-yellow flag for the first time this season at the relief convoy in Seiderstrand near Kijkduin. This flag is an international symbol for the presence of lifeguards.

beach swimming safety
Also on May 1st, the gemeente communication campaign on swimming safety was launched. Think about ocean hazards such as rip currents. Gemente participates in the national campaign “Wie Checkt Jou?”. She’s also eyeing a wristband campaign this year. These bands are intended for children who may lose their parents. Wristbands are available at all Beach Her pavilions and rescue stations.They are also promoted through their campaign team

Since 2016, lifeguards have used the internationally recognized yellow and red warning and flag system to visually alert bathers and water sports enthusiasts of dangerous conditions at sea. There are a total of 24 flagpoles along the coast of The Hague. Scheveningen continues to experiment with sharing flags via digital signs.

https://www.thehagueonline.com/news/2023/05/08/start-outdoor-swimming-and-beach-season-marked-with-hoist-red-yellow-flag Start outdoor swimming and beach season marked with red-yellow flags on floats

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