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State Visit to Celebrate Dutch-Slovak Economic Relations | News Article

News | 3 July 2023 | 09:00

Bratislava’s iconic castle glows orange on Wednesday. During the official visit of King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima to Slovakia, a business delegation numbering 34 companies will meet with Slovak companies at the castle to explore business opportunities. The Business Forum will be opened by President Captova. HM the King will give a speech.

The business delegation mainly consists of companies from the waste disposal, recycling, soil remediation and circular construction sectors. “Our market research shows that there are opportunities for Slovakia, partly because of the prominence of the car manufacturing industry,” said Henriette van Notten, deputy ambassador for trade promotion. says Mr.

State visits literally open doors. At his March 8 business forum in the castle, all 34 Dutch companies will have their own table to receive potential customers and distributors. The delegation will be headed by Haneke Schuhling, Director of the Department of Foreign Economic Relations.

Company links are bespoke. Voter turnout is very high. Slovak companies are realizing the benefits of attending this high-profile event. ”

In addition to matchmaking, there are also round-table discussions where people gather around a theme without making an appointment. “In our experience, this format often leads to very interesting contacts, even among Dutch entrepreneurs themselves,” says Van Notten.

The royal couple and the president participate in some of the conversations.

The Dutch Embassy has already organized a trade mission to Slovakia last year. Part of that was a physical visit to the waste company OLO.

Soil contamination

One of our areas of focus is the remediation of contaminated soil. Soil contamination has long been a concern in Slovakia. Around Bratislava, leakage from a landfill (Vrakuna) is now leading to groundwater contamination. During the state visit, representatives of the Dutch “Rijkswaterstaat”, Deltares and experts in the field of soil contamination from the Dutch company Tauw will bring together central and local government officials and activists to facilitate workshops on the subject. Dutch polder, unexplored land in Slovakia.

close business relationship

Dutch exports to the Eurogroup and to Slovakia, a member of the Schengen Agreement, have shown an upward trend in recent years. Holland is her one of the biggest investors in Slovakia. The major Dutch companies operating in the Slovak market are Heineken, ING, National Nederlanden, CTP, Koppert, Newways and Union (Achmea). ACTION recently also established a large distribution center in Slovakia and opened its first store. Dutch companies in Slovakia he occupies more than 4,500 jobs and the number continues to grow.

Auto industry as an economic engine

With a new investment in Volvo’s electric car factory, Slovakia is embarking on a new path towards making the car industry more sustainable. This creates opportunities for Dutch companies such as charging infrastructure and battery reuse and recycling.

Circular Economy Opportunity

Slovakia is in the early stages of a circular economy. The country fell behind her EU average in terms of recycling but is now catching up. To draw attention to the importance of recycling, the President of Slovakia and his royal couple throw cans and plastic bottles into reverse vending machines in supermarkets. Slovakia’s deposit system is more advanced than ours, completely data-driven and can even return aluminum cans.

One of the participants in the delegation, BlueCycle, is looking to acquire land to build a production facility in Slovakia. BlueCycle applies innovative methods to recycle hard-to-recycle plastics. Plastics that are currently incinerated or landfilled, such as food packaging and foil. These plastics are processed into oils using thermochemical processes. The oil is used as a recycled raw material to make new plastics.

High quality standards and a well-trained workforce make Slovakia an attractive location for shared service centers. ING Hubs Slovakia is one example. Founded in 2016, 1,300 employees support customers.

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