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Statenkwartier has the highest number of million euro homes in the Netherlands.

The Hague’s Statenkwartier is the Dutch district with the highest number of €1 million homes. This is according to Calcasa’s research. Vogelwijk is also in the top five. The Hague has around €11 billion worth of housing. The most expensive street in Holland is Koninenraan in Wassenaar.

Statenkwartier has more than €1.4 billion worth of housing. “It is surprising that the average square meter price in the neighborhood is 5,900 euros, which is relatively low compared to other areas with many multi-million-euro houses,” he wrote Calcasa. This is because there are many houses with low housing prices in the district.

Vogelwijk has around €1 billion worth of housing.

In 2022, the number of €1 million homes will increase again, so the Netherlands now has €200,000 million homes. The number of million-euro homes has increased since 2013, but the pace has remained flat over the past year, Calcasa said.

Amsterdam is the municipality with the highest million euro housing in the Netherlands. In the capital, he has just over 20,000 homes worth more than a million. This is followed by The Hague (11,000). In Rotterdam, Utrecht and Gusmelen he has homes worth just over €5 billion.

The most expensive street is in Wassenaar. Konijnenlaan homes are worth an average of 3.3 million euros.

Source: DenHaagFM.nl

Photo: Logo-Wijkoverleg – Statenkwartier

https://www.thehagueonline.com/news/2023/04/19/statenkwartier-has-the-most-million-euros-homes-in-the-netherlands Statenkwartier has the highest number of million euro homes in the Netherlands.

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