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Strong Defensive Record Keeping Ajax on Top

The Dutch Eredivisie is shaping up to give us a title race between two, if not three teams. Ajax are on top, PSV are in second place behind, and Feyenoord are in third, and certainly can’t be ruled out. However, although the three are relatively close in terms of points, there is one thing standing out that is making Ajax the favourites right now.

The latest Eredivisie betting markets with rated new betting sites have Ajax as favourites, and a big reason for that is their incredible defensive record, which is not only the envy of the rest of the league, but also of most other clubs around Europe. Ajax have played 20 games so far this season and conceded just five goals in them.

Compare that to their nearest title rivals PSV, who have conceded 26 goals from the same number of games, and Feyenoord, who have conceded 19, and you can see how impressive this really is. The biggest compliment to give Ajax is that this hasn’t come at the expense of anything else. Had they purposefully been playing to draw games, or playing ultra-defensively and neglecting scoring goals, then this would be a reason for it, but they haven’t done that either.

Scoring Pace the Best in the League

Not only does this team have the best defensive record in the league, but they also have the best scoring pace in the league, with 61 goals from 20 games, an average of three goals per game. PSV with 48 and Feyenoord with 46 are the only other two teams to have scored over 40 goals this season.

The ability to play football that is attacking enough to score three goals per game, while also only conceding five goals from 20 games at the same time, is very impressive, regardless of what level the standard is. This has been down to the work of Erik Ten Hag, who was appointed by Ajax in 2017, and has brought success to the club ever since. The style of play is good, their defensive record is excellent, and the team are scoring goals for fun.

Dominance on the Field Despite Close Points Gap

If you keep up to date with the latest sports news then you will see that Ajax are being chased down by PSV and Feyenoord. Just two points separate the top two, and six separate all three, so a loss or two will really make a big difference.

However, if you look at the games, the manner of victories and the way in which things have grown this season, it is clear to see that Ajax are the strongest team in this league by some distance, and look set to win another title on the back of that.

Defensively, the team are excellent, and this is the foundation of what they are building on. Going forward, the team can also score goals for fun, an added bonus, which is why Ajax are so dominant.

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