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Strong wind warning issued along Dutch coast on Sunday

Gusts of wind between 75 and 90 kilometers per hour are expected in parts of the Netherlands early Sunday morning, according to the Dutch National Meteorological Agency KNMI. The group issued a code yellow weather warning for both North-Holland and South-Holland from 3am to 9am and for the entire Wadden Islands until 11am.

Coastal areas will be hit hardest. Sufficient weather is expected to interfere with transportation and outdoor activities. “Winds are blowing in from the southwest and will ease slightly later on Sunday morning,” the KNMI said on Friday.

Temperatures on Saturday are expected to rise from around 18 degrees overnight to 22 degrees along the coast, 24 degrees in Groningen and 25 degrees in the east and south. Moderately strong winds of up to 50 km/h are expected to continue throughout the day, with a high chance of rain in the afternoon.

“There is a possibility of localized strong thunderstorms in the (far) east and southeast, with hail and (strong) gusts,” the KNMI said. Stronger wind gusts are expected in areas around the IJsselmeer lake on Saturday evening and into the night.

Highs will hit 22 to 24 degrees Celsius, lows in the mid-10s on Sunday, and rain is unlikely. Clouds and sunshine will alternate, and gusty winds will be common, especially in the north.

Temperatures will start the week at a cool 21 or 22 degrees Celsius, dropping to as low as 12 degrees early Tuesday morning. But with just a little breeze Tuesday afternoon, mercury will rise again towards 25 degrees. Temperatures will remain in the low 20s on Wednesday and Thursday.

If you are in Holland from July 21st to 28th, expect ‘changeable weather’ with regular sunny skies and occasional rain. Temperatures will fluctuate above and below the long-term average of 23°C during the day and 14°C at night.

https://nltimes.nl/2023/07/14/warning-issued-strong-winds-along-dutch-coast-sunday Strong wind warning issued along Dutch coast on Sunday

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