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Student council member suspended for fight at restaurant

Several late-night diners were left very perplexed after having to witness a violent incident between two groups of students in one of Groningen’s largest sushi bars.

At around 21:00 pm on Thursday, September 29, officers from the Groningen police station were summoned to the Sushi mall on Grote Markt in Sitcom. report.

According to the news site, an argument broke out between two large groups of students, who turned out to be members of the Vindicat and Albertus Magnus fraternity. The students started verbally abusing them before they started throwing food and drinks at each other.

One diner who took his wife and children (ages 12, 8, and 1) to celebrate his youngest son’s first birthday had to call the party off early. “It was a very bad example for our children and we had to leave. It was a fight so fierce that I wanted to protect it,” the man wrote in a message to Siccom.

Both student councils acknowledged their members’ involvement in the incident and said they strongly condemned such actions. Albertus said in a statement that he apologized to the fast food restaurant staff.

This isn’t the first time a sushi mall has become the scene of an uproar involving male students. At the end of 2017, Sikkom accused members of Vindicat of committing large-scale misconduct at a sushi restaurant, including throwing glasses, insulting employees, urinating against a wall, and stealing bottles of wine. Reported.

https://northerntimes.nl/student-association-members-suspended-over-food-fight-at-restaurant/ Student council member suspended for fight at restaurant

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