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Students sue five municipalities over energy bonuses – Northern Times

The student group has filed a lawsuit against Groningen and four other municipalities over its decision to exclude students from this year’s energy subsidy scheme for low-income households. report today. The government provided eligible families and individuals with his one-time energy allowance of €800 last spring, followed by another €500. However, students were largely left out of government support packages despite being severely affected by the cost of living crisis.

Some opposition parties and student groups have long called for energy allowances for students to help ease the burden of electricity and gas bills, which have risen sharply this year. However, when local governments implement measures to protect their citizens, they typically follow central government guidelines that students under the age of 27 are not eligible for energy assistance. However, some municipalities exclude students of all ages, according to student leaders and some political parties.

Last August, Mark Mulder, an undergraduate at the University of Nijmegen, said: sued Local governments that did not include students in cost of living assistance schemes. Joram van Fersen, president of the National Students Union, noted at the time that the ruling set an important precedent for the country’s student community. They are therefore entitled to compensation not only in Nijmegen, but also in other cities,” he said.

The Union says more than 1,000 students have taken part in the legal battle with the city councils, with Groningen, Leiden, Delft, Rotterdam and Veiffelenlanden being the first to be sued.

https://northerntimes.nl/students-sue-five-municipalities-over-energy-bonuses/ Students sue five municipalities over energy bonuses – Northern Times

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