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Successful Annual Beta Business Day Event

To Christoph Schweiger

This year’s Beta Business Days (BBD) career event was another successful year.

35th Edition BBD It was held on March 9th and 10th at the Martini Plaza in Groningen. This is an annual event that helps establish links between the students of the Faculty of Science and Technology at the University of Groningen and companies working in related fields. Students can network and make contacts that can lead to internships, thesis projects, or jobs.

Due to coronavirus restrictions, the event was allowed to be held in person and was warmly welcomed by attendees. He said that networking is best done face-to-face as it provides a good opportunity for better insight. In fact, science students Sabien Feithma, Annemarie and his backer, Akke his Gervedinkni Zuis, said that his job search strategy so far has mainly focused on attending events such as his BBD. says that

“When talking to different companies, it helps to understand where their employees are coming from, ask smart questions, and get good advice from them. So going up to them and asking questions is half the battle,” explained student Minal Qureshi.

Master’s student Didi Ubels, who has worked at BBD in the past, says the networking event is one of the better ones held in Groningen. She is currently aiming for her job as a consultant and believes that internship opportunities in related companies will be very helpful for students like her to find employment.

Artificial intelligence (AI) students Abe Brandsma, Leander van Boven, Ryan O’Loughlin, and Jesper Kuiper have had positive experiences finding their profiles and getting job postings on LinkedIn. However, I find events like BBD to be very helpful as they give me a more detailed picture of my career prospects. They also recommend that municipalities in the north of the Netherlands work together to attract and encourage more businesses to move to the area, as they want to stay there. They believe such a move would create more job prospects and invite even more companies to expand there. We collect an overview of all companies that employ foreigners in check it out!

https://northerntimes.nl/annual-beta-business-days-event-a-success/ Successful Annual Beta Business Day Event

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