Supermarkets sign agreement to phase out free plastic bags for vegetables


Lidl, Jumbo, Plus and Aldi will stop offering free plastic and paper bags for vegetables and fruits to shoppers this year, and supermarkets have agreed a “plastic deal” with the government and the packaging sector.

Albert Heijn stopped offering free plastic bags for fruits and vegetables that were not pre-wrapped last year.

Retailers want to use less packaging and make reusable bags the norm, and “consumers will have to get used to this change quickly,” said Carlijn Röell, director of Plastic Pact NL. said. told AD on friday.

Five supermarkets say the move saves 126 million pieces of plastic and 10 million plastic bags annually, AD reported.

Lidl says it will begin phasing out single-use bags after the summer, and Jumbo will begin working on the transition in the coming months. Aldi told her AD that they will switch when the current supply of plastic bags runs out.

Albert Heijn started replacing plastic bags last year with reusable bags at 30 cents each.


Stores were banned from providing customers with free plastic bags to carry their purchases in 2016, and a survey two years ago found that 94% of shoppers were completely unwilling to bring their own bags to the supermarket. I think it’s normal for

Additionally, 85% of shoppers say they don’t mind being asked to pay for the bag, but 9% say they should also get a free bag if they buy anything. I assure you. Supermarkets sign agreement to phase out free plastic bags for vegetables

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