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Suri Change: €20,000 as a tip for the bomb culprit

Exchange company “Suri Change” has been attracting attention recently. Victim of explosion at branch, has promised 20,000 euros for any leads leading to a “possible culprit of the explosion”. In a press release, the company said “the allegations against it are baseless” and promised “to cooperate fully with the relevant authorities.” The company’s attorney, Aise Simen, could not be reached for further substantive comment.

Sricheng made headlines following the March 27 arrests of five people in Rotterdam, Barendrecht and Loon on suspicion of involvement in large-scale underground banking operations and criminal money laundering, possibly through cocaine trafficking. rice field. The five suspects were released after brief detention.

The investigation has focused on the flow of criminal funds through the company, with one of the suspects suspected of using criminal finance networks in the Netherlands, Slovakia and Suriname.

The city of Amsterdam decided last Monday to close all occupied premises of the Surinamese currency exchange chain in the city after a series of branch explosions. It has also decided to close its branches in The Hague and Rotterdam.

In a statement released on Saturday, the company said it had “no idea” who was responsible for the blast, adding that “there is no connection between these incidents and alleged underworld disputes, drug trafficking or money laundering.” emphasized that,” he said. The company said it has “always worked closely with law enforcement and other authorities to combat drug and underworld crime.”

Regarding recent allegations against Srichange for delaying reporting of a number of financial transactions, the company said those allegations were partially unjustified and provided prosecutors with “good cause” for the delay. “It is noteworthy that the prosecution chose the criminal route rather than the administrative route,” the company said in a statement.

According to Srichange, payment processors have a false image of being “shady because there are well-established laws and regulations governing the provision of services.” Sricheng said they are law-abiding and supervised by Deutsche Bank. It added that the exchange company is confident in the legal system and “looks forward to the just outcome of the ongoing investigation.”

However, the exchange company said on its website, “As a sign of determination and resolve for justice, Sri Change €20,000.00 reward for those who can provide a “golden chip” About the possible culprits of the explosion. ”

https://nltimes.nl/2023/06/03/suri-change-20000-euros-tip-leading-perpetrators-explosions Suri Change: €20,000 as a tip for the bomb culprit

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