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Sustainable Partnerships for Future Generations | News Article

News Article | Aug 6, 2023 | 09:37

Author: Dutch Minister of Foreign Affairs Wobke Fuchstra

In preparation for my visit to Kenya, I learned about the concept of Pamoja, which is deeply rooted in Kenyan culture and much needed in today’s world. Because today’s challenges have one thing in common. Because only by being open and accepting of each other’s perspectives and taking joint responsibility for the world we share can we collectively address it. In this spirit, together with my colleagues from Belgium and Luxembourg, I am visiting Kenya this week to work on sustainable and equal partnerships based on common interests and shared values. Only then can we address common challenges.

Dutch Minister of Foreign Affairs Wobke Fuchstra

Among them is the task of keeping our continent stable, peaceful and secure. Kenya can feel the war raging in Europe, and Europeans likewise feel the effects when instability erupts in the Horn of Africa. Here we have to work together…and we do. For example, accepting refugees in the area. Kenya is showing great leadership in this regard. The security and stability of this region is important as it ensures economic growth and thus development in the broader sense.

Another common interest is maintaining a multilateral system. Kenya has had a strong voice on this issue, especially in defending the UN Charter. While multilateralism is an important means of achieving collective goals, we also recognize the need to make this system more effective and inclusive. We look forward to working with the African Union and African countries to support the reform process of the United Nations and explore ways to better ensure the representation of African countries in line with current global demographics. Because the system works only if all voices are heard.

Other common challenges include climate change and the energy transition. I strongly believe that our country and continent hold the key to a more sustainable future. Europe can provide technology and investment, but Africa not only has important resources, but also many innovative ideas. From a broader economic perspective, the Netherlands is investing bilaterally and through the EU in strengthening economic ties, including playing a leading role in sustainable digitalization and agriculture. The aim is to ensure that everyone benefits.

At its closest, Africa and Europe are only 14 kilometers apart, not a real barrier to today’s challenges. I believe that if we work together, we can easily overcome the chasm. President Ruto’s visits to Europe and the Netherlands prove it. Our country and continent have a solid foundation to build upon. The EU is Africa’s main trading partner and investor. Within the EU, the Netherlands is Kenya’s largest market, larger than the other EU countries combined. The Netherlands is Kenya’s second largest export destination in the world. This relationship offers great opportunities in a wide range of fields. But more is needed to take our partnership to the next level. It is very important to hear each other’s opinions on issues of great interest. That is why we have also initiated a systematic dialogue with African think tanks. That’s why we listen intently to the innovative and bold ideas of young Africans to make the world more sustainable. They can be real drivers of change.

“We all share one planet and one humanity. There is no escape from this reality,” says your esteemed compatriot Nobel laureate Wangari Maathai, who binds us together. I expressed this about The Netherlands wants to protect these precious resources. We want to invest with you in tomorrow’s generations and ensure that the world they inherit is livable, prosperous and safe. That is the basis for the sustainable partnership that our country wants to engage with you.

https://www.netherlandsandyou.nl/latest-news/news/2023/06/08/a-sustainable-partnership-for-future-generations Sustainable Partnerships for Future Generations | News Article

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