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Tata Steel faces €100,000 fine for ‘black snow’ and other pollution

IJmuiden factory at night.Photo: Tata Steel

Prosecutors have said that IJmuiden’s Tata Steel should be fined €100,000 for five environmental rule violations between 2018 and 2021.

In two cases, the company Ejected “graphite dust” In some cases, it entered the atmosphere and black snow fell around it.

In one case, the company dumped the waste into the water supply, and in two other cases, it violated environmental guidelines by experimenting with cooling coal waste with water. the prosecutor said.

Anything that happens in or around a Tata Steel plant can have a large social impact and stir emotions. ” the department said in a statement. Prosecutors said this was due to the company’s economic and social impact in the local area, as well as changes in attitudes toward the environment.

A judge will deliver a verdict in January.

Health damage

In January of this year, the Institute of Public Health RIVM found that the Tata Steel Works was the main source of metal and polycarbon-based pollutants in the Aimond area, and figures collected by the Community Health Board suggested that the pollution was due to the company’s own emissions. He said it indicated it was more serious than the record indicated. .

In September 2021, the MP demanded stricter environmental standards for Tata Steel Works, closed its most polluting operations, and even proposed to discuss partial nationalization.

The five cases heard on Thursday were another court case Facing Tata Steel brought by many locals.

https://www.dutchnews.nl/news/2022/12/tata-steel-faces-e100000-fine-for-black-snow-and-other-pollution/ Tata Steel faces €100,000 fine for ‘black snow’ and other pollution

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