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Temporary Brits urged to document their stay abroad

The Movement for Britons in the Netherlands said it was concerned about the apparent change in the criteria for temporary residence permits and sought clarification from immigration officials.

The IND issued a new gildin last week saying authorities would start counting all dates a British national left the Netherlands within a 12-month period to assess whether a provisional permit is still valid.
The IND described the rule change as a clarification of the status quo. The new rules will not affect people with permanent residency documents.

From October this year, British nationals with temporary residence permits cannot leave the Netherlands for more than six months in total within a 12-month period.

“It is important for Britons living in the Netherlands before Brexit to remember that the Dutch government cannot afford to introduce new rules that would actually limit their rights,” he told IND. Jeremy Bierbach, an immigration attorney who won the case, said: He seeks to revoke the permanent residency permits of British citizens who have returned to the UK.

Bierbach said what the Dutch are saying now is that until now they have applied the rules on residence less strictly, but from the date of the announcement they will.

“Therefore, if you are a British citizen with a non-permanent residence permit, it is always safest not to stay outside the Netherlands for more than six months a year and to record the dates of your travel vouchers, bank transactions, receipts, etc.” , returned to Dutch soil. ”

UK citizens who believe they may be affected by the new rules should: Englishman living in the Netherlands The group knows, so it can grasp the extent of the problem for discussion with the British Embassy and the Indian Ministry of Defense.

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