Temporary rental agreements may be prohibited under proposed law

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Temporary rental agreements can be abolished for most people in Holland. Member’s invoice passed parliament.

Since 2016, landlords have been allowed to offer tenants 1- or 2-year contracts. more attractive rent out the property. However, a growing number of MPs believe that limited-term contracts expose tenants to unscrupulous behavior, inflate the rental price.

Henk Nijboer, a housing spokesman for the PvdA Labor Party, is one of two MPs whose bill was debated on Thursday night. “Temporary contracts were offered with the idea that more rental properties would be available in 2016, but we don’t think it will become the norm,” he told Dutch News. “But the first is unproven and have It becomes common sense for individual landlords.

“This means renters are repeatedly evicted after two years and either have to find something new or pay a very high rent increase. You can do it, but it will cost you another 200 euros a month.” This has resulted in very high rents and a lot of anxiety among renters who have nowhere else to go. We want to better protect renters and undo the law.

Thursday night’s parliamentary debate reports that we can probably expect a majority when it comes to voting next month. volkslandHowever, Mark Rutte’s VVD disagrees. His party and the minority right-wing group Van Haaga fear the changes will reduce rental supply. already Another proposal to put more housing under rent control is drying up.

Wyblen Van Haaga, the representative of Group Van Haaga, Said In arguing that both landlords and renters are ‘victims’ of the current partially regulated market. It leads to lack,” he said. “In an ideal capitalist world, the market would work and there would be affordable housing for everyone.


Experts Dutch housing market It’s far from ideal.Documents to be submitted support Residents have a constitutional right to affordable housing, according to member bills, but there is a shortage of some in the Netherlands. 300,000 units. it quotes Survey by Kompanen Another study suggests that one-third of new private tenants sign short-term contracts, and even more. half of youth Doing this in Amsterdam will lead to ‘precarious’ housing rights.

The new bill has exceptions for landlords temporarily working abroad or wanting to return home, and for temporary student rooms.

“But it’s not the norm,” says Nijboer. “Usually it will be a perpetual contract. A house is something you live in, and a residence is a constitutional right. A position of power cannot be abused, but that is what is happening in the Netherlands.

Price Drop: Young People Can’t Find Homes

city ​​ban?

Housing Minister Hugo de Jonge Proposed Local councils can decide whether to ban temporary contracts, but the VNG Local Council Association has already expressed concern that this could create a “waterbed effect” and increase problems elsewhere. Nijboer added that it was “not chic” for the government to try to piggyback on members’ bills with its own proposal.

Woonbond Housing Association believes: Young people Foreign workers can be particularly vulnerable to strict housing practices and are protected by most temporary contract bans.

Spokesman Mathijs ten Broeke said there was anecdotal evidence that renters and house hunters were being exploited. “The private rental market has nearly doubled since the introduction of temporary rental agreements in 2016,” he said. Young renters are attracted to expensive rentals because other sectors are out of reach.”


“Landlords can always say: if they don’t like it, they won’t extend the contract. Also for expats and people living here temporarily from abroad, the fact that landlords can only offer permanent contracts means their rights are adequately protected. That means they can’t fall off the boat.

A typical rental agreement allows the landlord to increase the rent once a year. maximum 4.1% this year, service cost cannot be used for generate profit“You cannot terminate a temporary contract and waive rent indefinitely for the next tenant,” Ten Broeke said. “In a tight housing market, this is being abused a lot.”

In April, MP Nijboer and ChristenUnie’s Pieter Grinwis defended the bill, which will then be put to a parliamentary vote.

https://www.dutchnews.nl/news/2023/03/temporary-rental-contracts-could-be-banned-under-law-proposal/ Temporary rental agreements may be prohibited under proposed law

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