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Tenant Rights Group in Amsterdam received 11,000 complaints last year

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Received by Amsterdam Tenant Rights Group Un 11,000 complaints and questions Poor maintenance, high rent and service costs were a big part of the problem last year.

Additionally, at least 100 expats have consulted Mr Woon over the issue of security deposits that are only partially returned or not returned at all when they leave the facility.

Other common complaints included landlords threatening tenants, refusing to resolve issues, or threatening to turn off heating during disputes.

Many residents also complained about the unclear additional costs they were charged, especially young people living in “community” housing paying additional service fees to cover shared services.The most well-known of these change = Court ordered reduction of community fees.

and in one case, Russian national Following the invasion of Ukraine, he was told to leave home because of his nationality.

While much of the problem centered around individual landlords, housing companies have not been scott-free following reports of poor service and a failure to tackle damp and mold.

Amsterdam’s housing chief Zita Perse told city councilors earlier this week that she would take a closer look at Woon’s report with the aim of “dealing with unscrupulous landlords as much as possible.”

The MP has already agreed to eliminate the two-year lease as a standard option, and plans are underway to introduce a licensing system for landlords.

https://www.dutchnews.nl/news/2023/04/amsterdam-tenants-rights-group-hit-by-11000-complaints-last-year/ Tenant Rights Group in Amsterdam received 11,000 complaints last year

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