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Ter Apel will become a no-go zone for unregistered asylum seekers

The Security Region has reported that new emergency regulations are in force in Tel Aper from noon on Saturday. Currently, asylum seekers who are not yet registered with the application center are prohibited from traveling within the center.

A state of emergency had already been declared. As a general rule, until October 1st. Those who have already registered or who have an appointment at the application center are not eligible.

Hundreds of people on a regular basis Staying overnight on the grounds in front of the application center in the last few weeks. This created a dangerous and unsanitary situation, the Safety Region stressed on Saturday.

The Dutch Refugee Council says the organization is “frightened” by the new emergency ordinance. “This move raises a lot of questions,” the spokesperson said.

For example, the organization would like to know if it is permissible to bar asylum seekers from entering areas where other people are welcome. Moreover, the Refugee Council does not believe the course of action is logical. “Before banning certain people from coming to Tel Apel, first make sure there are sufficient reception areas and clear communication about the process,” the spokesperson said.

https://nltimes.nl/2022/09/10/ter-apel-becomes-prohibited-area-unregistered-asylum-seekers Ter Apel will become a no-go zone for unregistered asylum seekers

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