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The 8th Interfaith Dialogue: A Place to Relearn about Diversity | News item

The Netherlands-Indonesia Consortium for Muslim Christian Relations (NICMCR), in collaboration with the Indonesian Embassy in The Hague and the Dutch Embassy in Jakarta, organized the eighth Indonesia-Netherlands Interfaith Dialogue in June. The forum was held in Yogyakarta, which serves as a symbol of religious tolerance and coexistence. In 2020, King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima attended in an interfaith discussion there.

Image: ©The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Indonesia
One of the discussion sessions at The 8th Interfaith Dialogue.

The meeting is a part of a series of yearly activities that have been going on between Indonesia and the Netherlands since 2006 with the goal of fostering interfaith understanding. The two-day gathering this year began in a Christian university, was further enhanced by a trip to a mosque and a temple, and ended with an active discussion with representatives of traditional religions.

Continuing on the theme from the previous year, the dialogue’s main point was decolonizing religion in an effort to right the wrongs and inequities of the past and make the world more fair and equitable. Taking inspiration from the Indonesian language, Director for Asia and Oceania Karin Mössenlechner in her remarks underlined the importance to depart from “kami” (exclusivist “we”) to “kita” (inclusivist “we”).

The 8th Interfaith Dialogue hopes to identify injustices and thereby bring about justice for all, in all aspects of life; a call for humanity regardless of race, gender, social status or religion; one of the principles that the Netherlands also strongly upholds.

https://www.netherlandsandyou.nl/latest-news/news/2023/08/03/the-8th-interfaith-dialogue-a-place-to-relearn-about-diversity The 8th Interfaith Dialogue: A Place to Relearn about Diversity | News item

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