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The Combi Approach: News Articles Focusing on Life Sciences and Health

News | 26-04-2023 | 07:45

The embassy was recently inaugurated Multi-Annual Country Strategy Kenya 2023-2026 The Netherlands is looking to deepen the strong economic ties it has enjoyed with Kenya for many years. In this, a number of priority areas were identified, including life sciences and health. This is the result of Dutch healthcare sector players showing interest in partnering with their Kenyan counterparts, including companies, non-profits and knowledge/research institutions. By co-creating solutions, we can improve the health of Kenya. Numerous research and trade missions have been held in the past, showing the potential to match Dutch solutions with Kenyan challenges, especially in the areas of medical devices, e-health, health finance and training, education and research.

Also just recently, the Dutch Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation, Riesche Schleinemacher, issued a policy note – Policy Papers on Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation: Doing Our Best In the policy note, the Minister indicated the Netherlands’ intention to achieve synergies between foreign trade and development cooperation. “By making a positive contribution to sustainable economic development around the world, the Netherlands enables developing countries to become trading partners more rapidly. This will increase the prosperity of the Netherlands and increase the profitability of the Netherlands.

Kenya was selected as one of 21 countries to combine foreign trade and development cooperation. The health sector is one sector where this approach is implemented. The Kenyan Embassy is the only one among all 21 countries to include the health sector in this approach. During this time, a method for doing this has been fleshed out. A lot of consolation is done in Holland.

In March, the Embassy’s Senior Policy Officer for Trade and Thematic Head of the Health Sector, Geoffrey Korir, visited the Netherlands to promote the Dutch Platform for the Internationalization of the Country’s Life Sciences and Health Sectors. participated in an initiative led by Task Force Healthcare NLThe program visited a number of companies, university medical centers, knowledge institutions and NGOs to gain a better understanding of how the Netherlands can contribute to Kenya’s ambition to reach Universal Health Coverage (UHC) goals. . It also included a session with participants in the successful trade mission to Kenya last November, which was very stimulating. It’s a digital transformation that will take place. In that case, digital and sustainability considerations will be keenly considered as enablers for achieving UHC. A pilot approach with the Kisumu county government is being considered, starting at the primary healthcare level and enhancing the referral system with various identified solutions that will be plugged in.

Task Force Healthcare Netherlands will visit Kenya in June to meet with various local stakeholders in Nairobi and Kisumu to help enrich and validate the Combi-track strategy. Recently, Invest International – a Dutch government agency that helps Dutch or Dutch-linked companies, host governments and investors to develop funding and impactful projects – also conducted a fact-finding mission to Kenya. .

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https://www.netherlandsandyou.nl/latest-news/news/2023/04/26/combi-approach-focus-on-life-sciences-and-health-kenya The Combi Approach: News Articles Focusing on Life Sciences and Health

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