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The Gaming Bestsellers for Teenagers

Over the past few years, the gaming industry has shown high growth in demand among all categories of the population. But as always, teenagers remain the most active users of various kinds of entertaining pastimes. Online casinos are in great demand. They enable users to play for money, and run, for example, free Buffalo slots or other slot machines without investing money. Video games are not lagging behind in terms of demand – they are fascinating entertainment that takes players into their virtual world.

The high growth of profitability in the gaming industry is attributable to several factors:

  • the rapid advances in technology;
  • the situation with the pandemic that forced many to stay home;
  • the accessibility of gaming devices to a wide audience.

Gaming helps young active people to distract themselves from everyday problems, to spend time in the company of like-minded people online, and do it in a fun, dynamic way.

At the same time, there are games that hold the leadership in the number of users and purchases, regardless of the outside situation. They are long and passionately loved by players who spare no effort and money to become a member of a multimillion-dollar community. What games are currently at the top of the world rankings in terms of the number of copies sold?

Top 8 best-selling games for teens

It is worth mentioning that the following games are popular not only among teenagers but also among the older generation. Gamers that are 25-45 years old enjoy participating in battles, quests, and team games on a par with teenagers. According to reports from the reputable company DFC Intelligence, the list of best-selling games is as follows.


The Gaming Bestsellers for Teenagers

Many people will be surprised, but as of today, it is indeed the most popular game, which has sold more than 500 million copies. The American company Electronic Arts, a creator of this masterpiece, was founded by Apple employee Trip Hawkins back in 1982. The video game is a puzzle where the user has to build up the pieces as tightly as possible collecting solid rows. The game is designed for platforms such as:

  • iOS;
  • Android;
  • BlackBerry OS;
  • PlayStation 3;
  • PlayStation Portable;
  • Windows Phone.

The developers have not changed the gameplay and interface much, it is still the same familiar game with the same figures. The changes came in the color palette, which has become lusher, as well as the control – now you can adjust the direction, falling, and landing option with touch taps instead of buttons. The higher the level is, the faster is the speed, which requires a quick decision. This is a literally people’s game; it is easy to be launched at any time whether you are on a tediously long trip or waiting in a queue. It is enjoyed by people of all ages, so Tetris can safely be included in the rating of games for teenagers.


200 million sold copies and an army of players puts this game in second place. And if you consider that it is distributed for free in China, the number of gamers will actually reach 250 million people. The sandbox game inspires 120 million people each month to explore an endless virtual world, building and erecting block structures. Colorful 3D graphics and a huge number of resources to be mined make the game varied and interesting, not boring or monotonous.

Minecraft was created in 2009. The official release was in 2011. Since then it has been ported to different devices, expanding the range of users. The open-world enables both single-player and multiplayer gaming, interacting with other players from all over the world. In addition, numerous conferences, communities, and educational direction have done their job – the game has received many awards and is recognized as one of the greatest games of all time.

Grand Theft Auto V

The fifth part of GTA has become the best-selling of all those previously released. It is especially loved by teenagers for its freedom of action. Playing as a character, you can simply explore the area, do good and bad things, hide from the police, and complete tasks. Three characters are available to the player, each with their own story and available skills. The story unfolds in the fictional city of San Andreas, as well as in Los Santos, which is similar to Los Angeles. Improved graphics, as well as numerous innovations, such as first-person play, have taken the game into the sales leaders around the world.

GTA V is owned by Rockstar North. It was released in 2013 and has not lost its sales position since then. 110 million copies and $800 million revenue on the first day of sales prove it all – the game is really successful and will be at the top of the rankings for a long time to come. It can be played not only on PC but also on:

  • PlayStation 3/4;
  • Xbox 360/One;
  • Microsoft Windows.

By the end of 2021, a version for new console models is planned.

Wii Sports

It is a single-platform game created by Nintendo for the Wii console. Despite the fact that it only runs on one device, worldwide sales records exceed 80 million copies putting the game in the top five. It first became available to players in 2006 being distributed as a packaged game with the console except for Japan and South Korea. Easy controls and accessible gameplay enable even beginners to quickly find their way around in all the sports disciplines.

The Gaming Bestsellers for Teenagers

A total of five sports are available in the simulator: tennis, boxing, basketball, golf, and bowling. Some of them are available in online mode, and others only in a single session. The game won the hearts of gamers with realistic gameplay and uncomplicated graphics. In 2009, a sequel under the title of Wii Sports Resort was introduced, and in 2013, a remake with improved Wii Sports Club graphics was released.

It is worth noting that the company holds another position in the ranking, namely eighth place with its products – Wii Fit and Wii Fit Plus. These workout programs enable users to do yoga exercises, strength exercises, aerobics, and balance. Hiroshi Matsunaga, their developer, described them as a family sport due to their unique workout system. The games were introduced in 2007 and  42 million copies have been distributed worldwide.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

A multiplayer game like PUBG is known even to those who have never played it. The unique development by PUBG Corporation is based on the storyline of the Japanese movie Battle Royale. Battlegrounds was first introduced in 2017 and 70 million copies were already sold by 2020. Quality graphics, detail, dynamic gameplay, and the ability to play from different consoles and PCs – all of the above helped the game to become the most popular in the global community. The game has brought in more than $3.5 billion on mobile devices alone.

It all starts with a hundred players being dropped off on an exotic island by parachuting out of an airplane. Everyone can choose an approximate landing spot, but then have to act quickly and, at the same time, carefully, so as not to get caught by other users.

It’s every man for himself, and the strongest and most cunning player survives. Exploring the area, you need to collect equipment, weapons, and other useful artifacts. You can also pick up the necessary things from the killed enemies. Do not forget about the narrowing space. Having failed to get to a safe place, the player dies. The gameplay continues until there is one winner.

Pokemon Red/Blue/Green/Yellow

The RPG series has been distributed in 47 million copies, which is only a small number of all Pokémon games. Overall, Nintendo has sold the entire franchise in 300 million copies. The first parts of Red and Green were released in Japan in 1998, and the series was continuously updated with other parts being released regularly until 2016.


Game Location Year released
Pocket Monsters: Red и Pocket Monsters: Green Japan 1996
Pocket Monsters: Blue Japan 1996
Pokémon Red North America, Australia 1998
Pokémon Blue Europe 1999

It is a role-playing game, the essence of which is to collect all 151 Pokémon, become the champion of the Indigo League, defeat eight gym bosses, and then the elite four after them.  The multiplayer concept empowers players and enables them to communicate with real people, making gameplay diverse and interesting. The title “The best-selling RPG of all time” is awarded for a reason – it is truly the most fascinating game for teenagers and even their parents today.

Super Mario Bros

Once again the game by Nintendo, which was released back in 1985, is back in the rankings. Despite its senior age, it remains popular all over the world. Proof of this is the sales of 48 million copies in physical format alone. The platformer was developed by Shigeru Miyamoto and Takashi Tezuka. It is dedicated to saying goodbye to Famicom cartridges.

The game’s action is side-scrolling with two characters available – Mario and Luigi. The character travels to the Mushroom Kingdom to pass all the obstacles and rescue Princess Peach. On the way, the user will have interesting adventures and traps, which are not so easy to pass right away.


The Gaming Bestsellers for Teenagers

Every child and adult knows this game. It evokes the nostalgia of the older generation and the admiration of younger gamers. It was released by Namco in 1980, and still, the game has not lost its position, which is evidenced by the number of copies sold – almost 40 million pcs. A simple arcade game can captivate for many many hours. The run through the labyrinth becomes more complex, dynamic, and thus more exciting.

The player’s task is to go through a closed labyrinth and collect all the points. The character in the form of kolobok or pizza without one slice quickly moves along the paths, collecting small dots. It is opposed by four octopus-like opponents in different colors. To temporarily disable them, the character has to eat a large round dot, then the enemies turn blue and vulnerable.


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