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The Hague administration collapses with the return of Richard Demos

Last Thursday evening, the VVD political party withdrew from The Hague Executive after weeks of twists and turns over the start of negotiations to reinstate Richard Moss as City Councilor.

In April, Richard Demos Ann Rashid Gernaoui was acquitted of corruption charges after a three-year investigation and pursuit. Both resigned from city council when the charges were first made.

In the 2022 Gemente elections, their political party “Gruppe Demos – Hart for den Haag” won the most votes, but the Demos and Gernauy parties refused to cooperate with most of the other parties. , failed to form a majority executive branch. Still investigating.

Since being acquitted, Demos believes the opposition sees no reason to prevent him from returning to power. Three of the ruling parties, VVD, D66 and CDA, were open to discussion, but Groen Links and PvdA stubbornly refused to do so.

The Gemente Council has even asked Elder Minister and Alderman Bruno Bruins to speak to all parties in hopes of brokering a solution. He recommended that all parties should talk to find a solution.

However, with Groen and PvdA steadfastly refusing to talk, the VVD decided to withdraw from the executive coalition at a Gemente meeting on Thursday night, at the same time that both parties’ Alderman Ann Mulder Ann Kavita Parvdayar took office. resigned from the department.

The new Executive Coalition of D66, CDA, GroenLinks, and PvdA does not have a majority of the council, which allows Demos to initiate talks to form a new majority coalition.

The most likely scenario is a coalition of Hart Waal den Haag, VVD, D66 and CDA.

https://www.thehagueonline.com/uncategorized/2023/07/03/the-hague-executive-collapses-over-the-return-of-richard-de-mos The Hague administration collapses with the return of Richard Demos

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