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The Hague affected by breeding ants

On Thursday,  many residents of   The Hague were  troubled   by flying ants.   The ants  were taking the  opportunity of  the rain break to make nuptial flights.  And  with  more  sunshine forecast over the  next week,  the  suffering may not be over.

The nuptial flight is  part of  the  ant’s reproductive system.  Future queens fly into the air, where they mate with the males.  Then the males die and the queens descend,  shed their wings  and hopefully   will  have enough semen on board for the rest of her life.

Whilst we  may find the ants annoying,  seagulls love them.  For them they are  a tasty snack packed with  protein and fat.


https://www.thehagueonline.com/news/2023/08/10/the-hague-affected-by-breeding-ants The Hague affected by breeding ants

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