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The Hague signs agreement with coastal zone shared moped company

The Hague is increasingly using shared scooters, shared cargo bikes and shared bicycles. To steer this growing use in the right direction, a deal was again struck last week with a shared two-wheeler provider for parking in the coastal area of ​​The Hague. For example, gemeente looks for additional parking spaces on busy days, while providers jointly deploy parking coaches and scooters can only park in designated spaces.

Municipal Councilor Ann Mulder: “In 2021, the partnership between Share Motorcycles and The City of The Hague has started. It has worked well for both sides and has led to many improvements. This time, it is not just for Scheveningen, but for the entire coastal zone.With the agreement signed, the municipality wants to work with providers to reduce the nuisance caused by scooters lying around. I have.”

The City of The Hague has signed deals with companies Go Sharing, felyx, Check, BAQME, Cargoroo and Donkey Republics.

Photo: Valerie Kuipers

https://www.thehagueonline.com/news/2023/03/27/the-hague-makes-agreements-with-shared-moped-companies-for-the-coastal-strip The Hague signs agreement with coastal zone shared moped company

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