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The Hague tackles waste nuisance with 50 measures

To win the fight against waste nuisance, the city of The Hague has developed a ‘waste attack plan’. The plan is based on three pillars: prevention, master order and enforcement. There are a total of 50 action points to further enhance your current efforts. For example, we provide discreet lifeguards and multilingual communication regarding waste disposal.

New behavioral interventions such as neighborhood contests and new cleaning tools such as cigarette butts have also been launched. Management will report annually on the progress of the plan.

Attack plans focus on waste in outdoor areas, especially waste and trash placed next to containers. At the same time, management ensures that the basics are in place, such as having sufficient bins in place and cleaning waste continuously.

Enforcement is a key element in this approach. The plan also includes a large role for residents and entrepreneurs. Because the government says it can’t be done alone.

Photo: Valerie Kuipers

https://www.thehagueonline.com/news/2023/07/20/the-hague-is-tackling-waste-nuisance-with-50-measures The Hague tackles waste nuisance with 50 measures

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