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The Hague to spend €150 million on improving quality of life and accessibility

The Hague will receive €150 million from the government to make the city greener, more accessible and improve the quality of life. The funding comes from a fund set up to build new homes by 2030. With this money, builders can build parks, tackle road problems, improve public transportation, and make parts of the city greener. This was decided on Friday, June 16, in administrative consultations between the central government, states and governments.

The City of The Hague will receive this generous donation to build 8,000 homes in the Central Innovation District, 3,350 in Binkhorst and 6,000 in the southwest.

The funds are intended, among other things, for the renovation of the Prince Bernhard Viaduct between Spui and Rheinstrasse, the construction of the Binkhorst Waterfront Park and the construction of a park at Larkhaven’s ‘Mobility Hub’. In addition, numerous bike routes will be built, transforming central Larkhaven into a low-traffic area.

In the southwest of the city, Muerwijk Junction and Melis Stokelan will be renovated, and Muerwijk East and South will be greened.

Image – Impressie Waterfront Park

https://www.thehagueonline.com/news/2023/06/28/the-hague-to-spend-e150-million-on-improving-quality-of-life-and-accessibility The Hague to spend €150 million on improving quality of life and accessibility

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