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The Hague using a fast start message indicator

To improve road safety in The Hague, gemeente uses smart speed signs. If you are speeding, these signs will show a red sad face. Or a green smiley face if you’re driving within the speed limit. A new feature is that the meter will let the police know when and where you are frequently driving too fast in traffic.

This way the police know exactly where speed limits need to be enforced. Many accidents are caused by speeding. These accidents can lead to road traffic injuries and, unfortunately, death.

The administration and police are not aiming to increase fines for traffic violations, but to improve road safety. People get used to speed signs standing in the same place for a long time. The driver then begins to speed up again. So 60 smart speed signs move continuously. Gemente is List of 180 spots where the meter is placed.

request a speedometer

Hague residents who think the traffic in their neighborhood is too fast can request a speed sign. Use the online form to report public area issues (Melding Open Bear Ruimte(External link)).

When selecting the problem type (“uw melding”), select “Report a dangerous traffic situation” (onveilige verkeersituatie melden) and then select “Speed ​​sign” (“snelheidsdisplay”). If the location is suitable, gemeente will install a speedometer there next year.

sauce: www.denhaag.nl

https://www.thehagueonline.com/news/2023/03/29/the-hague-using-speed-activated-message-signs The Hague using a fast start message indicator

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