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The Nazi treasure hunt was called off after they failed to find the buried gold.

Excavator working on site. Photo: Marcel Krijgsman ANP

The search for buried Nazi treasure near Omeren in Gelderland was called off after excavations were allowed at the last possible sites around the village of Betuwe.

A map released by the National Archives in January allegedly shows the location of German soldiers. filled 4 boxes Full of jewelry and other valuables, enthusiastic digging Located in the Omeren district.

To limit the number of treasure hunters, local authorities have allowed many excavations based on the interpretation of maps by local historians and the help of researchers from VU University in Amsterdam.

An earlier search in 1947 was also unsuccessful, and the treasure, said to be worth millions of dollars, is believed to have been unearthed before the end of the war.

“We’re turning it into a little booklet, and that’s it,” she told the station. NOS.

Hondas said he could not confirm that the treasure was not in Omeren. remains: where did it go?” she said.

Buren city council chairman Peter Neven said the final excavation should end speculation as well as unwanted visitors.

“The most likely location was researched and this is it,” he told the station. “I was pretty sick of it,” he said.

https://www.dutchnews.nl/news/2023/05/nazi-treasure-hunt-called-off-after-digs-fail-to-find-buried-gold/ The Nazi treasure hunt was called off after they failed to find the buried gold.

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