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The Netherlands agree to build two new nuclear power plants in Zeeland.

Ministers confirmed Friday that the Zeeland village of Borsele will be the site of two new nuclear power plants. The goal is for the new power plant to come online in 2035 and produce he 9% to 13% of the total electricity demand in the Netherlands.

Construction will take six to eight years. Climate Minister Rob Jetten said after Friday’s cabinet meeting that the region would support the decision because it could attract jobs and new industries created by the new factories.

The new plant, a Type III+ reactor, will be funded by the government and the private sector. A number of companies have stepped forward as potential partners, stressing that governments must ensure both community support and stable policies for planning, Jetten said.

Borssele is currently home to the Netherlands’ only commercial nuclear power plant, producing around 3% of the country’s total energy use. It was scheduled to close in 2033, but has remained open longer until the development of two new factories is complete.

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image: Martin Beekman

https://www.thehagueonline.com/news/2022/12/12/dutch-agree-to-build-two-new-nuclear-plants-in-zeeland The Netherlands agree to build two new nuclear power plants in Zeeland.

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